DJ Services

DJ Services

Our staff of 7 DJ's can handle all your needs.  We have years of expereince providing service to Weddings, private events, corporate events, and even music festivals!


Cutting Edge Technology

Here at Howard Productions, we have the latest technology in DJing.  The flagship of our equipment is The Emulator Elite - dubbed 'The Future of DJing' - it is a 42" transparent touch screen that the DJ controls.


We have sound equipment from JBL Professional, Alto Professional, QSC and Cerwin Vega!  We can put together a 25,000 watt sound system for very large events, to just a basic two speaker system.  All of our speakers are powered, in that each speaker has its own amplifier - this is specifically critical to be able to reduce the sound from a single speaker at a venue with many people.  We also have a wireless setup for some venues that are difficult to provide adquate sound with conventional, wired systems.



We have every kind of lighting!  We have uplights for changing the mood of any room, to moving heads, custom gobo projectors, and a multitude of LED lights.  We can provide lighting for an intimate occasion for just a few people, to a small festival!


We have numerous effect to offer our customers - from high powered animation lasers, to fog and haze machines, to low lying fog machines to simulate 'Dancing On A Cloud'